About Us

We are a group of companies that have their own offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

We have our own infrastructure, with more than 300 employees worldwide and we are constantly growing.

We carry out a global mission to create a technological and modern infrastructure in direct sales management.

What do we do

In Absolut Worldwide Call Center we are dedicated to the sale of products through the e-Commerce system and we monitor the different campaigns, in Europe, Asia and Latin America. We prepare for the day to day manufacturing sales according to your requirement and work in conjunction with marketing to launch products, promotions and offers. We guarantee total and global coverage 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


We are a company specialized in providing Call Center services in continuous growth and development, focused on selling different products and services to our potential customers worldwide. counting on excellence in quality, audit and control in the operative and administrative processes, with the best technology, Human Resources area and best operational platform. Everything we do is aimed at uniting the world, countries and peoples, which once again underscores our cosmopolitan nature.


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